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Hydro-combustion, acid digestion and oxygen flask techniques are employed to prepare samples for analysis by Ion Chromatography (IC), UV/Vis spectroscopy, titration and ion specific techniques to determine total fluorine, chlorine, bromine, iodine and phosphorus in both organic and inorganic samples. OEA Labs quantify these elements from percentage levels down to parts per million. We also analyse numerous anions such as nitrite, nitrate, sulphite, sulphate, phosphite and phosphate and undertake other non-routine analysis.

The analysis of the halogens (fluorine, chlorine, bromine and iodine) and phosphorus in organic compounds has always been of interest to the organic chemist. When combined with other elemental data such as the percentages of C, H, N and S the overall purity of a compound can be assessed.

There are many techniques available to analyse these elements. Traditional micro methods such as oxygen flask combustion followed by titration, UV/Vis spectroscopy or ion selective electrode analysis are reliable and accurate for pure materials but are prone to interferences or suppression with ‘real world’ samples. For example, the analysis of chlorine, bromine or iodine by titration is widely used but the titrimetric analysis of these elements in admixture is not possible. The use of ion selective electrodes is also prone to errors with mixtures of these anions.

We have largely replaced these traditional methods with modern ion chromatography which is very specific, has a wide working range and is generally free from interferences. The analysis of fluorine is particularly reliable with this technique. Although relatively slow, ion chromatography is a powerful technique in the determination of a multitude of anions especially when used in conjunction with hydropyrolysis combustion sample preparation.

We are able to analyse many other anions with ion chromatography such as nitrite, nitrate, sulphite, sulphate, phosphite and phosphate. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.


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